Transverse Flute in d’ after Kirst
a = 415 Hz.
four parts, boxwood, ivory mounts
key g#
other timbers (genadilla, ebony) on request.

Friedrich Gabriel August Kirst, 1750 (Dresden)-1806 (Berlin), active in Potsdam

Kirst apprenticed to A. Grenser, Dresden, and worked 1768 to 1770 for C.F. Freyer in Potsdam. After Freyer’s death in 1772 he married his widow Eva Maria becoming his successor. According to Tromlitz, Freyer and Kirst were the flutemakers, who built the „Quantz`sche Flöte” in accordance with Quantz. (see info-sheet “Quantz”) Nicolai reported 1779, „Flötenmacher Kirst (im holländischen Revier) bekömmt Gehalt vom Könige“. (maker Kirst (in the Dutch quarter) receives a salary from the king) The original model in private property does not show the typical caracteristics of the bore of the Quantz-Flute but those of instruments of August Grenser.

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